Wanda New Material( Thailand) Co.,Ltd is professional research、development and production of fiberglass reinforcement joint venture company . our company is located in 475/4 Moo 7 T TambonKlongkiewAmphurBanbueng Chonburi Thailand. About 30 Kilometers to Laem Chabang port and about 40 kilometers to Thailand’s famous tourist city Pattaya.

Our company own advanced production equipment and many professional technicians with more than 10 years of glass fiber chopped strand mat& fabrics production experience. We can produce more than 20000 tondifferent Fiberglass chopped strand mat& fabrics. Our products are mainly export to the oversea market. we also have a very excellent team of professional technicians which make our company has the competitive ability for customizing the special product.

Our product widely used in manufacturing all kinds of FRP products. Such as pipes ,pressure vessels, chemical storage tanks, boats, automotive ,sport equipment ,wind power ,Recreational facilities construction and other industries. All our products are manufactured strictly according to ISO9001 quality management system.

Wanda adhere to the ” Survival by Quality and Market by Honesty”, Strive to penetrate the Wanda brand into the hearts of every customer

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A fiberglass is a form of fiber-reinforced plastic where glass fiber is the reinforced plastic. This is the reason perhaps why fiberglass is also known as glass reinforced plastic or glass fiber reinforced plastic. The glass fiber is usually flattened…

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Glass fiber also called fiberglass. It is material made from extremely fine fibers of glass Fiberglass is a lightweight, extremely strong, and robust material. Although strength properties are somewhat lower than carbon fiber and it is less stiff, the material…

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Glass Yarn

Glass fiber is manufactured in a wide range of fine diameters. Some of them are so fine that they can be seen only through a microscope. This quality of fineness contributes greatly to the flexibility of glass fibers. Various manufacturers…

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