E-glass chopped strand mat

1.Product Description

E-glass chopped strand mat is a non-woven glassfiber mat,product manufactured by spreading continuous filament roving of 50mm in length randomly in combination with polyester binder in powder form or other binder in emulsion form.

This products are compatible with unsaturated polyester、vinyl ester、epoxy and phenolic resins.

It is suitable for hand lay-up FRP,filament winding and compression molding processes,the typical end –use applications include automotive ceiling upholstery ,ship body,electric insulator ,sanitary ware, seats,anti-corrosive pipe,storage tank ,cooling tower, water tank,leaves of wind powder generation and so on .

2.Product Features

  • Good wet-out, Easy to form, easy roll-out and air release.
  • Uniform thickness, less fuzz.
  • Good resistance to watering and chemical agents in anti-corrosion applications.
  • Very high tensile strength, suitable for filament winding or continuous laminating.
  • Smooth laminate surface, good laminate transparency

3.Physical Index

R2O <0.8%
Filament diameter 11μm-13μm
Moisture ≤0.2%
Loss on Ignition 2%-9%
Binder Type Powder or Emulsion
Physical Index_01

4. Packing data sheet

E-glass chopped strand mat  are wound onto a paper tube which has an inside diameter of 76mm, and the roll has diameter of 270mm. The roll is wrapped up with plastic film, and then packed in a cardboard box orwrapped up with kraft paper. The rolls are to be horizontally placed. For transportation the rolls can beloaded into a container directly or on pallets.

Physical Index_02

5.Packaging and loading method

Packaging and loading method
Packaging and loading method_01




Fiberglass composites offer excellent mechanical properties and dimensional stability. When compared to traditional materials, such as steel and concrete, glass fiber composites reduce weight and greater corrosion resistance, benefits which make them a practical choice for applications in bridge decks and overlays, port components, highway pavements, fences and railings and water and sewer pipes.



Glassfiber needs for automotive industry is growing rapidly with its composites feature including: parts consolidation, weight reduction versus steel, design freedom, high strength and toughness, corrosion resistance, abrasion and high temperature resistance. Low coefficient of thermal expansion, matching steel parts, enables efficient manufacturing process.

  • Main applications include:
  • Exterior body panels (fender, hoods, quarter panels and roof tops);
  • Closures: Doors, deck lids and lift gates;
  • Integrated Front Ends, Underbody shields and engine covers;
  • Load floors, Pick-up boxes and tonneau covers;
  • Instrument panels, door inserts and headliners;
  • Electrical and electronic components.
Building and Construction

Building and Construction

Glass fiber composites are well suited for applications in Building & Construction market. They deliver high strength, light weight, low flammability, durability and good acoustic and thermal insulation.

  • Application:
  • Reinforced concrete
  • Composite walls
  • Insulation screens & decorative items,
  • Baths and shower stalls
  • Cooling tower components
  • etc
Wind Energy

Wind Energy

  • Wind power, as an alternative to burning fossil fuels, is plentiful, renewable, widely distributed, clean, produces no greenhouse gas emissions during operation, consumes no water, and uses little land.
  • Wind blades and nacelles made by fiberglass composites offer flexible manufacturing, excellent durability and light weight.
Electrical and Electronics

Electrical and Electronics

Glassfiber composites in electrical &electronic markets are mainly applied in electrical housings,electrical parts and power distribution components with high dielectric strength, dimensional stability and corrosion resistance.



Used in Spray-up,hand lay-up, Vaccum infusion and vaccumbaging process, fiberglass deliivers light weighted, corrosion resistant and easy maintenanced composites benefiting boat hulls and decks used on marine,such as kayaks, canoes, luxurious yachts etc.

Oil and Chemical Industries

Oil and Chemical Industries

Glass fiber composites with excellent corrosion resistance and outstanding reinforcing ability are very important for the manufacture of piping, storage tanks, rails and gratings used in the Oil and Chemical Industries.

Alkali Resistant glass chopped strand mat

1.Product description

ARglassfiber chopped strand mat isa glass fiber reinforced (cement) concrete (GRC) rib material, which is 100% inorganic fiber and is an ideal substitute for steel and asbestos in non-load bearing cement components

The AR glassfiber chopped strand mat material is designed to be used for the surface-enhanced corrosion protection of reinforced concrete (GRC) products, and is effective against the external environment to attack high alkali substances in cement.

The AR glassfiber chopped strand mat can be laminated layer by layer to produce high strength GRC product with high percentage of glassfiber to  slutty ratio , Since a known wright of glassfiber can be mixed with a known weight of cement slurry, the glassfiber to slurry ratio can be very precise and thus enable  a consistant strength & quality , there are many other area of application like protection of skim coat prior to spray coating ,making of  rib.reinforced corner s and edges , making panels and tables , small & thin products , in-situ sculpture and wall covering ,etc.In some field  it can be used in place of AR glassfiber mesh

Alkali Resistant glass chopped strand mat

2 .Product characteristics

  • Good chemical stability. Alkali resistance, acid resistance, water resistance and chemical resistance;
  • Easy to use and the product has good corrosion performance
  • Make highly durable GRC elements
  • Improve physical properties of GRC elements
  • Good toughness.Good impact resistance.
  • Moldproof, pest control.

3. Feature( nominal values)

Feature( nominal values)

4. packing and storage

AR glassfiber chopped strand mat is packed by polyethylencebag  and packed on the

pallets with carton with 16rolls or 25rolls , nonstardard packing are aviable upon customers’ request.

AR glassfiber chopped strand mat should be stored away from heat and moisture , and in their original packaging ,the best conditions are  temperature 15℃-35℃。Moisture is 35%-65%。


Alkali-resistant glass fiber mats are used in GRC, cement mortar anti-cracking, cement concrete reinforcement, etc., making Cem-FIL alkali-resistant glass fiber a medium-to-high-end interior and exterior wall architectural decoration, theme park construction, high-speed rail, subway, tunnel, ground engineering and other municipal construction. There is no substitute for important cement cracking and reinforcement materials.