Glass fiber is manufactured in a wide range of fine diameters. Some of them are so fine that they can be seen only through a microscope. This quality of fineness contributes greatly to the flexibility of glass fibers. Various manufacturers produce different types of glass fibers for different end uses. Glass fibers them are used for various purpose.

  1. For making home furnishings fabrics;
  2. For making apparels and garments; and
  3. For the purpose tires and reinforced plastics.

There are certain glass fibers that can resist heat upto 7200oC and can withstand forces having speed of 15,000 miles per hour. These types of glass fibers are used as

  1. Filament windings around rocket cases;
  2. Nose cones;
  3. Exhaust nozzles; and
  4. Heat shields for aeronautical equipment

Some other types of glass fibers are embedded into various plastics for strength. These are used in

  1. Boat hulls and seats;
  2. Fishing rods; and
  3. Wall paneling

Some other types of glass fibers are used for reinforcing electrical insulation. Yet other types are used as batting for heat insulation in refrigerators and stoves.